NeuroPlay is the first innovative medical device based on the EEG-biofeedback method on the market, addressed to older people in whom the deterioration of cognitive skills is an extremely common phenomenon.

NeuroPlay is the answer to the need to provide elderly people with the opportunity to improve their cognitive skills and improve the quality of life through regular and independent cognitive training.

Demand for assistive technologies and adaptation of the close environment in the elderly population keeps growing. The use of new technological tools directly affects the quality of life of elderly people and patients with neurological deficits.

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Brain training performed with NeuroPlay will effectively improve the quality of life of elderly people.

For people who age naturally (physiologically), Neuroplay is a long-term form of brain exercise that allows them to maintain their cognitive skills, such as memory or concentration, at a higher level for a longer time. In turn, for patients with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) or dementia, biofeedback training may be a form of rehabilitation leading to the improvement of cognitive skills or delaying the negative symptoms of the disease.

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