NeuroPlay in the semi-final of Chivas Venture

The jury selected semi-finalists of the fourth edition of Chivas Venture – a competition for socially engaged start-ups. From among over 100 entries submitted, 11 best were selected, including the NeuroPlay project. At the beginning of December, the five finalists of Chivas Venture will be announced, who will present themselves on 17 January 2019 before a full auditorium during the national final. During this event, the Jury will choose one company that will represent Poland in the global finals, where it will compete with start-ups from 25 countries.

The Golden 11 that wants to change the world:

Food & Life – a social enterprise engaged in activation of people with disabilities through helping to create a stable and friendly working environment. The company's activity involves organisation of trainings for potential employers, during which a mobile food service (foodtruck) is used, employing people with disabilities, which is a tangible example breaking the stereotype of "people with disabilities at work".

TIXON Technology – the company was created to protect health, safety and the environment. Its mission is to provide intelligent solutions from the area of the Internet of Things that will help overcome the problems associated with waste and improper storage of medicines, improve the effectiveness of treatment, support drug dosage monitoring and reduce the impact of negative environmental conditions on health.

Ubrania do oddania [Clothes for donation] – the purpose of the start-up is to create a charitable, ecological and reliable solution for disposal of a previously unmanaged category of textile waste. The project eliminates the problem of throwing away clothes, regulates the issue of clothing collections in Poland and guarantees transparency of settlements with charitable organisations that are involved in it. The portal allows users to financially support specific goals of charitable organisations – without spending money, by donating spare clothes.

Łąka FLOG [FLOG Meadow] – an anti-smog flower meadow is a breakthrough way of developing areas near roads and introducing flower meadows instead of lawns. Specially selected plants absorb air pollution, at a level comparable to trees, and clean the soil. The latest invention is an anti-smog mix that catches dust coming from car exhaust pipes. At the same time, the ease of maintenance of flower meadows makes them more environmentally friendly than common lawns.

Bioceltix – a biotechnology start-up from the veterinary industry dealing with the development of veterinary biological drugs based on stem cells. Its purpose is to create analgesic and anti-inflammatory biological medicines that will allow more effective and safer treatment of animals. The emerging biological drugs will not only be more effective, but also safer than currently used synthetic drugs in the treatment of pets and have a chance to become a better alternative to traditional pharmacology.

Deko Eko – a company engaged in the conversion of waste into valuable consumer products, ready to be placed on the market. An upcycling platform changes our way of thinking about waste. Thanks to the cooperation with a network of designers, it creates aesthetic and functional products from carefully selected waste materials of the largest companies and corporations.

Glaze Prosthetics – the world's first designer of custom-made artificial upper limbs. Thanks to 3D printing and the use of SLS technology, i.e. selective laser sintering, the company created the world's first designer artificial arms and developed a system of their easy exchange. Thanks to this, future users will be able to treat their prostheses as ornaments – just like in the case of handbags, shoes or a fashionable watch.

NeuroPlay – with the ageing of society and increasing life expectancy, the number of people suffering from cognitive impairment, such as memory and concentration problems increases dramatically. As part of the NeuroPlay project, our start-up creates portable devices based on the biofeedback method. In practice, the training consists in playing games on a tablet without using the hands, by consciously generating brain waves of appropriate range.

Syntoil – the company's goal is to solve the global problem of excess used tyres and rubber waste. This clean-tech start-up, operating within the closed-circuit economy, processes rubber waste, obtaining three groups of products: biochar (soot, carbon), oils and gas, which are again used for the production of rubber.

Insignes Labs – this young technology company is engaged in the development of innovative components in the field of specialised chemistry, allowing for permanent and effective protection of products against the harmful effects of micro-organisms (bacteria and fungi). 
 Thanks to the developed technology, dangerous germs are actively removed from the surface of products, which ensures cleanliness and hygiene during their use, and the products look good for a longer period of time. The technology can be used for a wide range of materials, such as plastics, paints, coatings, silicones, latexes and nitriles.

Biolumo – the main social problem on which the company focuses is the fight against the antibiotic resistance of bacteria. The solution proposed by the start-up is a diagnostic device that can be used in a clinic, by GPs, which is able to test a patient with a suspicion of a bacterial infection within 6 hours and answer the key question: which antibiotic will be the most efficient? As a result, patients will receive personalised and targeted antibiotic therapy on the day of the visit.